#Catbot v4

To assemble the frame of the catbot you will need

  • all wooden bits from the kit
  • the 2 servomotors (the 2 blue ones)
  • the laser
  • the "dual lock" velcro square

#Notes before assembling

parts for this kits are made to snap and fit together without glue, so you will sometime need to force push part together, to do so, apply presure progessively vertically on pre aligned parts.

#Step by step instructions

We start with the top part, take a servo and the top part align servo gear with the top notch of the wooden bit

#step 1

Place this wooden bit on the top of the servo img caption img caption

#step 2

Same thing with the bottom part, servo wire facing upward in the little additional "U" shaped hole img caption img caption

#step 3

Place the 'E' shaped bit in the top notches img caption img caption

#step 4

Now place the top part on the circular base img caption img caption

#step 5

these two bit will hold the turret in place, you may need to force a bit to make these one s fit in. img caption img caption

#step 6

now we place the laser holder, you should have the wooden bit on the opposite side of the plastic gear and fit the gear in the horn img caption img caption

#step 7

take the velcro square and the laser module, peel one side of the velcro and apply it to the laser module, then peel the other side and stick it to the rounded wooden bit note: sometimes the laser on the module is not perfectly aligned, in this case stick it so the laser is aligned to the wooden bit rather than the aligning the module img caption top part is now complete img caption

#step 8

Now we will start the base by placing the funduino on it img caption img caption img caption img caption img caption

#step 9

We will now place the 3 bar that will hold the turret and the X axis in place there are 3 bars that looks almost the same in the kit

  • one with some engraved logo (A)
  • another one with the same shape but no logo (C)
  • a third one with a space in the middle (B)

Place the bar A with the engraved logo side facing outside (notch on your left) in the last row of holes img caption img caption

#step 10

Now place bar B, take care that the notches from the two part matches sides and are on the left img caption img caption

#step 11

then place the servo, servo gear should be centered, if not turn both bar sides img caption img caption

#step 12

Next is the C bar, with the notches aligned img caption img caption

#step 13

the two bits are here to reinforce structure, so you need to slightly bend the two outer bar inward, and will need more force to set them in postition img caption img caption

#step 14

now put the top part on the base sevo, gear, and you are done !!! ta da ! img caption

you will have some leftover bit, some plastic horn for the servo motors, and some screws.

screws can be used later on, when the catbot is calibrated to keep the servo and the turret in place, to do so use a small screwdriver to screw them un the middle of the servo gear through the horn

#Next step

Wire all the things here