"entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"
William of Ockham

Catbot is a simple, robust, efficient tool to fight CBS (Cat Boredom Syndrome) that only require 2 servos a laser and an Arduino.

Easy to replicate and deploy, cats love it, and even tolerate that human controll THE LASER (needless to say, no one controll a cat).

It is also a cool toy to learn the basics of Ardino and connect a thing to the interweb

#Build it

There have been differnts versions of the catbots, so depending on which you had, instruction may vary a bit

  • V4 : current version, frame building instructions are available here
  • YLD catbot: special batch made for our friends at YLD, frame building instructions available here
  • older versions : building instructions are available here

#Demos !!

early testing by patient 0: Guu

LXJS 2014 catbot workshop (shot by Joana Job)